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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lord, Show Me a Sign!

I had an interesting conversation with one of my spiritual daughters recently; she knew the Lord was speaking to her with an idea that he wants her to carry through to completion but she was seeking an ‘anchor’. An anchor? Define anchor, what does that mean?

After much discussion I learned that this anchor is another word for assurance. It made me think, I mean really, really think. God says do something and we say give me a sign that it’s okay for me to do what you’re telling me to do. I know it’s you saying do it Lord but to be perfectly honest I’m going to need you to do something to show me that you have my back and won’t let me fall! Oh and yes, I trust you but I just need an anchor.

How many times has our need for an anchor kept us from stepping out in faith on the very thing God had given us to do? Probably more times than we’d like to admit. It’s not that we aren’t aware that it’s the Lord stirring us forward, but fear of the unknown, fear of falling and failing always seem to be magnified over our obedience to God. How does that happen?

We love the Lord and have a heart to obey him but when he says GO and DO we sometimes say I will IF you’ll show me an anchor. Gideon asked for an anchor when he put out the fleece or the threshing floor in Judges 6:36-40. But how many times will we put out the fleece before we obey God and how much time have we lost waiting for God to respond by fleece instead of us responding IN faith?

It’s interesting that in Judges 6:39 Gideon prefaced his next act with “let not thine anger be hot” against me. That’s a definite WOW moment, do we think God even in his longsuffering towards us is sometimes bothered because we absolutely refuse to exercise even mustard seed sized faith in some instances but rather opt for an anchor?

This reminds me of the Israelites in Deut 1:26-33; who in their rebellion refused to take the Land. Seriously, God has given us so much and we like the Israelites are refusing to take it, refusing to possess it because we need an anchor to cast off our fears and apprehensions and be sure. The Israelites had been brought out of bondage and kept in their wilderness experience—every need provided for!

After God had walked with them and been their wilderness guide and it was time to get their stuff they couldn’t or should I say wouldn't trust God. They needed an anchor ( further assurance) so they sent spies ahead to scope out the land. Even after scoping and getting a good report they still refused The Promise. Are we refusing The Promise? Are we waiting on our anchor again and again? How long will we wait? How many anchors will we need?

Just another Tiney Thought