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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Any1 have a Mall Map?

Tweet from @gapmin
Do you know where you are or would one of those mall signs saying "you are here" be helpful?

That's so crazy! I'm not lost or am I? I don't mean lost as in out of fellowship with God but in that place where you are saying to yourself "what's next"? And you are waiting for directions. The whole tick-tock thing is playing out before you--TICK TOCK.

Maybe, one of those mall signs would be helpful. LOL. You know the one that says 'you are here' and then has clear maps to help get you to your next stop. If only it were that easy, right? It is that easy and trust me this is coming from someone who is directionally challenged to the point where you have to go basic TURN RIGHT, TURN LEFT with me. Yes, I'm being serious. That whole east-west thing will get me lost everytime. LOL.

God has a "mall map" for us and we can access it through His word accompanied by prayer. It works. It will get you there. You aren't lost. YOU ARE HERE! Now, follow the map to your NEXT!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fuse Box

Tweet from @gapmin
I'd blow a fuse trying to understand HOW and WHY about God and I only have one good fuse left..... LOL

I'm the first to admit that God blows me away with how he does things, so I've learned to just trust him. Besides that what else can I do because NOT trusting him is not an option for me. Is it an option for you? I would definately blow a fuse trying to figure it all out, so I don't. I'm certain you've experienced that before , who hasn't? I've got one good fuse left and I'm going to keep it working-LOL. Trusting God is one of those things we GROW up in. Even then, most of us have our moments don't we? As I always say, it may not be easy but it is necessary. Tweet ya later!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Get Morphed!

Tweet from @gapmin
Being a Christian is more than going to church, good deeds, quoting scriptures and being pious....BE TRANSFORMED!

First I want to thank all of my followers and give a shout out to my new followers hereby called "newbies". We officially passed 1100 followers and I'm feeling some tweet-joy! Speaking of joy, it is our transformation into the likeness and image of Christ that brings true joy. I know this is a hard truth but all of our church going, good deeds, scripture quoting and religious behavior doesn't make us a Christian. God is so interested in helping us be transformed-metamorphed into the image of his Son. BTW, you won't be transformed overnight. This tweet was retweeted nine times, so a shout out to the retweeters. Check out the twitter profiles for: @samgisyer, @cecilchaney, @iAMwAvYy, @bretta75 , @faithgoddess7 , @quintinwashingt, @dYmOnDsTuDdEd, @infinitegal, @williamdknight. Great Tweeters! Thanks Tweeples.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eatin from the Nside

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How the enemy uses U to destroy U: 99% of the things U worry abt never happen. Worry is the self inflicted toxin that eats from inside out.

I would use the phrase "it's funny how..." but I won't because it's not so funny how the enemy sits back and allows us to self destruct. We know all the quotes and scriptures about worry yet we do it. I've heard if said "that is the human side of me", well maybe our human side is dictating our lives far more than it should be. After all, aren't we walking in the spirit?

It's a very powerful strategy the enemy is using where he sits back, introduces circumstances and situations that are typical occasions to worry and we jump right in and do his job for him ...on OURSELVES. Here's a few thoughts:

One person committs suicide by a gun
One person committs suicide by pills
One person committs suicide by slicing wrist
One person committs suicide by a heartattack induced by worry

Yes, I know it is presented in a different light. They are all self INFLICTED forms of inducing death...worry is just a slower process. Be anxious for nothing but in everything make your request known unto God. Can we do that? This is definately an ouch moment for me, so OUCH!

You Can Stop Wrestling Now!

Tweet from @gapmin
Don't waste your time wrestling with him, Jesus defeated him and took the keys of authority, GO GET UR KEYS!

Seriously, I think we spend a lot of time wrestling with the enemy for what's already been given to us. Is it because we don't know the keys of authority have been given to us or because we don't know what to do with the keys? Probably a little bit of both huh? Well, one thing is for sure it's time to stop wresting and go get your keys! as belivers we talk a lot about walking in our God given authority but truthfully .......

Don't take this negative, it's not. We have to take an honest look at ourselves in light of the Word. And personally I want God to shine the light of the word in my life and show me ALL the areas that I need to allow him to work in. That's the only way I'm going to be able to walk in my authority. We have a kingdom authority that's already operative; using it is another issue altogether. Tweet ya later!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Fight Is On!

Wow, it's been about two weeks since I have posted on this blog, not good huh? Okay, I took a little break but I'm back now. I'm devoted to praying some family situations through this season and it's no small task. When has it ever been a small task, right? Most likely something is brewing in your life also, something you have to pray diligently about. For me right now --FOCUS-- is the word.

I am assured of one thing in this season and that is that Jesus is with me. There is so much I would like to do in this moment. As much as I love to write I have had "writer's block" of sorts. I'm really considering that the trying of our faith works patience, OH BOY, do I really want patience? I do, so i'm up for the challege. Are you?

I've learned many things in my walk with the Lord and the more I learn the more I realize how little I know but I am anchored in the foundational truth that no matter what is happening, no matter what it looks like, no matter what the enemy says, no matter who sides with the enemy; Jesus has my back.

The struggles that have been the most challenging in my life for me personally and for my family members are mostly rooted in 'generational propensities'. So the fight is on! I'll leave it there for now, simply to say.... "The fight is on! "
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