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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dare to Defy! by Debby Marin


We are excited to present some food from thought from the calledwoman twitter feed. ProphetessN wrote the tweet but CalledWoman Debby Marin expounds it so beautifully. INJOY!

Tweet: Some daring people take calculated risk, other daring people defy the calculations!

We can not truly live and walk in the spirit, trusting God and not be willing to risk it all. Calculations are unimportant; rubbish to the spirit. The only thing of importance is what God says.
Risk takers who trust God appear to the world as wacky people who make poor choices because they don’t seek the things of the world, they seek the things of God!

The consequences and rewards of taking risk are far greater than playing it safe. If we want to see God work exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think we have to walk out on a limb with Him, not sit at the foot of the tree.

Jesus risked it all but look where he’s at! He knew what he would have to endure before his accusers ever apprehended him. Jesus told his disciples he would be raised from the dead yet other than God’s word, he had no real proof that would happen! He was just like us, yet he chose to put all of his faith in God and His words. He risked it all for the glory set before him and being the firstfruits he is seated at the right hand of the Father.

It’s not always about being absent of fear, it’s about taking that leap despite our fears. Many times, I’ve done God’s will while I was trembling with fear! Yet once I completed the task, my fear was gone and I had moved to a higher level of faith.

Prophetic Liberties

What an awesome time for the people of God who are aligned to hear and obey the voice of the Lord. The last few weeks have been a great time of celebration for G.A.P. Ministries as we were instruments of sending forth labourers to the harvest fields. I am convinced that many forget the five ascension gifts mentioned in Ephesians 4 are gifts to the body of Christ with a specific assignment to bring the body to a place of being throughly equipped (perfected) for God's harvest fields.

A few thoughts stem from the events of the past week concerning maintaining prophetic order. I have met more prophets who operate in zeal to prophesy than I have those who are seasoned and mature and understand timing and facilitation of delivering a prophetic release. We are not comissioned to release (say) everything we hear or see at the very moment we hear or see it. Timing is key.
Never take prophetic liberties. Many prophets are 'swept away' with their kingdom authority thinking it gives them the right to prophesy to and also lay hands on anyone if the unction arises. I make it a practice to ask permission to speak and release if I have not been given the implied liberty or an open door of opportunity.
As an example I was in a new ministry setting recently and I purposely do not go into setting seeking to prophesy, having something dynamic and wow-ing to say. I was there to receive the spoken word like all other attendees. At the end of the service I was asked (catch that) to come and speak. I released God's utterance and took my seat. End of Story.
I did not take the liberty to lay hands on the pastor and his wife and go throughout the congregation laying hands on the members to demonstarte 'my power and authority' nor did I continue to speak after God had stopped speaking to try to show that I am accurate, deep or wonderful and can hear like no one's business. As servants and labourers we are charged by the Holy Spirit to do all things in an order that brings glory to God and edifies the recipient. Far to many prophets take liberties that neither God or his people have granted to them. This causes confusion and in today's teminology turns many off from the prophetic release that God desires them to have.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How much of what you know do you know?

Whether life, business or ministry we will find that we only know half of what we know.....the other half is a work in progress.

I've been talking about and hearing a lot about having a teachable spirit and I totally agree we must be life learners. I have crossed paths over the last few months with some anointed know-it-alls. People that have all the answers and the insight for themselves and everyone they come in contact with. The longer we live on this earth the more it will be revealed to us that we only know about half (if that) of what we 'think' we know. Life is a process of learning, and I don't mean just learning good things and what to do. It is also learning what not to do and God has some very creative ways of helping us learn life lessons.

Be slow to speak and quick to hear and watch God give you wisdom in various areas (James 1:19). Never under estimate anyone! A person with a teachable spirit is open to hear from God as he speaks to their heart but also as he speaks through people. Sometimes he even speaks through someone you really don't care to have him speak through...don't get pious, it happens!

There is always something to learn and a new experience to be had and sooner or later the revelation hits that you are learning what you thought you knew..LOL. We only know half of what we know.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The HookUP of This Season!

Any where there is an original you will find a counterfeit. This holds true for the apostolic-prophetic as well. One of the trends that disturbs me most for this season as it relates to the restoration of the apostle and the prophet to the body of Christ is that the "false apostles and prophets" must come on the scene also. We hear a lot about false prophets but little about false apostles (2 Cor 11:12-13) but they have surfaced with a demonic vengeance.

Many are fascinated by the assignment of the apostle and prophet as foundation layers for the body of Christ(Ephesians 2:20) and have begun coveting these ascension gifts to the point where they call themselves to be an apostle or a prophet. We are seeing the fruitlessness of self-appointment and must be discerning of the prophetic hookup. I am noticing many apostles and prophets that want to cluster and become groupies with each other, in the old church they called it 'clicks' and in the word of God it's called "respect of persons."
Prophets only want to be connected with prophets, forgetting that their assignment is the 'the body'. Apostles-real and self-appointed only wanting to be connected with other apsotles because have been deceived to think they are better and higher with God than the other members of the body. This is a very strategic season, we must exercise care and caution regarding who we hookup or connect ourselves to, there are many wolves lurking and intermingling with the God Appointed Apostles and Prophets ...be discerning, be alert, be sober, be watchful and allow God to order your step and give you divine Holy Ghost hookups!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Faith Comes By Tweeting The Word Of God

UNtweeted--Romans 10:17 and 1 Cor 6:12
This is not from one of our twitter feeds but I wanted to share it.

I read today that many pastors are encouraging the people to twitter during church service; sending tweets that highlight their sermon points and notes etc. Wow, we have come a long way and this is something the tech age will definately be interested in but does it add value or distract from hearing?

Faith does come by hearing the word of God, or maybe it comes by tweeting the word of God. I'm certainly not going to knock it. Some people can tweet and pay attention and be blessed and others would be distracted by it so I'll say it's on a person by person and church by church basis. Every body of believers and every individual in the body needs to know their own limitations, boundaries and convictions.

I'm sure someone will find a scripture that was not canonized that says THOU SHALT NOT TWEET IN CHURCH. It may be an unpardonable sin.

Personally, I would not do it. I like to give God my undivided attention. I like to listen for his still small voice speaking to me as I hear the word. I have shared time and time again that it's back to bible basics ....PLUS I would not want to distract anyone else. There are some things that are lawful but not expedient and for me this would be one of those things....it would so easily beset me by becoming a distraction from the word of God.

But for those of you knocking it as you pick your nails with the bulletin, allow your mind to drift to other non-related things, play with the babies around you and look diligently for aunt Susie; wondering why she didn't come to church today you may as well send her a tweet because you are distracted anyway. LOL \0/

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wind Snatched Voices

The last few days have reinterated something that weighs heavy on my heart; the prophetic voice of this season. I am speaking specifically of the prophet's voice that has been snatched by the wind either because it has been silenced (never released) or was released in a unfruitful manner or season.

Many prophetic voices have been choked out by fear. There seems to be a cluster of God's prophets and prophetic voices operating under the Juniper Tree Syndrome-fearful of the threats of the enemy. Therefore their voices have drifted off and been snatched up by the wind. 1 Kings 19
Other voices are being released in the wrong manner and in the wrong season. A prophet of God must always discern God's methods of release and God's timing. 2 samuel 12. Nathan was skillful in delivering God's word to the king, we must observe this same skillfulness no matter which soul we are speaking to. We call forth the wind snatched voices to be released for kingdom impact--Let the prophets and prophetic voices be lifted up that God can be glorfied.

God Dejunkifies!

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De-junkify anything! Turn it upside down, Shake it, Shake it harder, now Shake it agin & watch all the junk fall out. Works 4 our lives 2.

I love this tweet because most of us can relate to this, right? Seems at times God has literally taken us flipped us upside down and shake, shake, shake and we watched as all this 'stuff' came falling out of and off of our lives. As the old cliché said, seems our world had been turned upside down. Yeah, sometimes that's the way he has to get our attention. But one thing is certain; if he didn't love us he wouldn't shake us.
I can only imagine what Job must have felt, especially since he knew he was doing all within his power to serve God. You ever feel like God's shaking you even though you are doing your best? I mean, come on God, I'm doing all I know how to do and you are shaking me pretty hard here!

Proverbs 25:4 and Ephesians 5:27 helps us to understand that God's plan is to present us to himself pure and perfect. So, he has to de-junkify us. That’s what he does to those he loves, he shakes and then he shakes some more. Hebrews 12:6-8 It doesn't feel good but it is necessary! Tweet you later!

Monday, May 11, 2009

You've got the master key!

from @gapmin (Matthew 16:19)
Looking 2 open doors of opportunity 2day? The secret code is "yes Lord". It's the master key 2 many doors & it's yours!

Despite the economy God has so many great opportunities and advancements for His people. Taking advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves to you requires you to be prepared to maximize the moment. The way to open the doors is through obedience to God with an "absolute yes Lord". It's the master key, use it!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Loving Outside Of The Box -Twitterlicious!

Yes, I'm excited to present to you five principles for loving outside of the box as presented on @gapmin. I posted the following tweet and got a DM asking me what I meant about "loving outside of the box".

If ur religion or spiituality d/n advocate u loving "outside the box" you are surely serving the wrong god.

Boxed Love allows us to love those who love us, those who believe and worship like us, those who are socially, economically and culturally like us etc. It;s time for Christians everywhere to love outside of the box! LOVE is supposed to be the foundation that upholds the Christian faith. We don't have to compromise what we believe and what we stand for to love and embrace others. Ready? Here we go!

Principle 1 of " Loving outside the box": I love becus the Christ in me is love, even when my flesh w/ desire not to love, I still love!

Principle 2 of " Loving outside the box": I do not have to love what you do to love you.

Principle 3 of " Loving outside the box": 2 can only walk 2gether when they agree. Agreeing 2 disagree is still AGREEMENT. Amos 3:3

Principle 4 of " Loving outside the box": You do not have to be a part of a certain status quo for me to love you.

Principle 5 of " Loving outside the box": I do not have to agree with you to love you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I was wondering, can I breathe?

Tweet from @ Calledwoman (Hebrews 4:16)

Asking the world for permission to pray is like asking them for permission to breath! Christians must stand therefore......

As Christians we face many challenges for expressing our faith in a land of free speech. Prayer removed from schools, government facilities forbidding prayer or certain 'Christian faith expressions', commercial ventures using happy holidays so they won't offend but we have to take a stand and be vessels of prayer at every turn. NO, I'm not advocating acting unwisely but a believer of Jesus Christ has as much right to pray publically as the person who has no reservations about public profanity. God enabled us to come bodly to the throne authorized us to come bodly to the throne and asking people if we ca do it is like asking them if we can breathe.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Get DM'd

Tweet from @ CalledWoman
Pray and then listen for a DM from God.
It has always been important to pray and then allow God to speak to our hearts and that has not changed. Twitter understood the concept of one-to-one communication and expressed it by giving its user the ability to send direct messages (DM). God wants to DM us, give us a direct message that is not for all others tweeples but is specifically designed for us as individuals. One DM could change the course of your life and set you on a path of purpose --so listen carefully. God is trying to tell you something. Let him DM you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trash the to-do list!

Tweet from @gapmin

True success is achieved by those who know when to put their to-do list on hold and ask God for his to-do list.

It's a funny thing, the six month plan, two year plan and five year plan that in most cases never goes as planned---LOL. The success we seek can be achieved when we follow God's plan for our lives. In truth, God has a plan for giving us good success. As we put his business first, putting away our agendas and to-do list

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Workshops Bubbling Forth

I am thankful for the powerful outpouring of the Lord at A Woman Revealed! workshop and the Positioning4Purpose Workshop today. Both workshops proved to be INpowering times of God demonstrating his power and his bubbling forth. God works through me in both the Nabi (bubbling forth of his utterance) and the Ro'eh (seer/visionary) anointing; today he flowed in a very conversational flow and brought much deliverance through the spoken word.

Thanks to the workshop attendees! Our Prophetic Enrichment Classes are scheduled to begin in June, date to be anounced.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Give God Back His Seasons

As I have been in prayer today God has impressed upon my heart that many are so caught up in "their season" that they have left him out. Not out of the presentation of piety they put forward but out of being the meat of the message. The cliche that "it's your season" sounds great and is exciting but as I prayed he said "it's not their season!".

Luke 10:2 The Lord reminds us today that the harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

When God calls us and sends us forth it's for his own purpose and for the sake of the harvest. Not for the sake of "your season". In our efforts to be spiritually deep we sometimes adopt cliches, buzzwords, sayings and so called 'words of encouragement' that do not align with the word or the plans and purpose of God. Yes, time was created by God for mankind and normally when someone say's "it's your season" they mean it's your time to go to the harvest fields but many have forgotten that those sent to the harvest fields are labourers not spiritual superstars and celebrities. In your obedience to working the fields you will reap and be favored but many have taken the seasons for their own glory--Give God back his seasons!