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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is God manifest-ING anything these days?

I always feel like God is up to something! In fact I know he is, I like how he expressed it in Jeremiah 29:11 when he said:

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

If you’re like me you have some ‘desires of your heart’ on the altar and are excitedly waiting for the manifestation. Speaking of manifestation, what is that? We hear people talk about it and The Word speaks of it but really what is it? Merriam Webster dictionary defines manifestation as the act, process or instance of manifesting. I like that; nothing manifest naturally or spiritually without a process. Sometimes the process is known to us and sometimes it’s a hidden process; regardless the end result or manifestation is what we long and have faith for!
To manifest simply means to appear, come, lighten, be revealed, be made naked, to take off the cover, to make bare, to make known, to make manifest, to disclose---to lay open what has been veiled or covered up.

Just as Jesus spoke to the disciples in parables we often use analogies and examples to help us better understand; one example we often hear is that of a woman in childbirth going through the process of delivery to manifest her child. There is a process to birthing a child…no matter the method of delivery there is still a process to getting the child from the mother’s womb to the earth realm, until the child is revealed his or her facial features, eye color, sound of his or her cry remain unknown or hidden. The Lord takes us through a labor process in the spiritual realm before we see the manifesation. Some people have early labor while others have active labor(intense pain) or both...but there is a process.

Manifesting is multi-dimensional in that the ING indicates to us that it is progressive in nature…it is never static but alive with action, movement and motion. Anything that is manifest-ING is in motion. Sometimes manifesting is painful just as a woman in labor has labor pains and on the flip side not all women experience pain in childbirth but still they have healthy beautiful babies. Likewise, sometimes God shields us from the pain of the labor process while he is manifesting things in our lives but there is still a process taking place—there is still motion happening.

This is a season of greater manifestation. Spiritually we often hear manifestation used in a positive context but we have to understand that dimensions of manifestation also include God uncovering and disclosing things that are not of him. There are things which Jesus has “by process” attempted to bring correction and grace too; he’s long suffering and merciful and the exposure we’re seeing in various arena’s has come after a process. Simply put…Proverbs 16:18 says that Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Any time we see God uncover or lay open what has been veiled with a man or woman of God and disclose (manifest) ungodliness we know that a process of redemptive grace preceded the uncovering…that’s just the kind of God we serve! This dimension of manifest-ING is filled with motion just as receiving the blessings of God are filled with motion.

The base of the word manifest takes its meaning from 1) to hinder the knowledge of a thing and 2)to take away by stealth (Klepto) and 3) a wholesome part is taken from … such as in there is separation, departure, cessation, completion and reversal—do you notice that all of these are motion?

Manifest-ING is a multi-dimensional process. The end result of manifesting can yield what we often call positive or not-so-positive results but even when God uncovers ungodliness, it is positive because it offers that individual another opportunity to sincerely repent.

When God prepares to release his blessings, things we’ve been praying about and waiting on …things we’ve exercised faith concerning, the hidden things…he through the motion of his anointing takes it from where it is, even if the enemy is trying to hold it up and makes it known to us in the earth realm –he manifest it. He unveils it. He uncovers it. He reveals it. He discloses it.

Likewise, when he prepares to release his blessing of uncovering ungodliness he does the same thing…that which has been hidden is taken from where it is, the covers are moved back and an unveiling takes place; he manifest it. AND, yes it is a blessing. One inmate said to me "I never would have stopped, if I had not been uncovered!"

Is God manifesting anything these days? Absolutely! IN every dimension he’s manifest-ING. He’s taking us through the process whether we see or feel the effects of the process or not, it’s happening.

Just another Tiney Thought....

[In case you’re wonder-ING why Tiney is spelled that way it’s my maternal family name not a misspelled word-LOL. ]

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