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Saturday, October 8, 2011

But a Vapour.....

I think death has to be one of those awkward moments where you just don’t know what to say for a lot of people. There are hundreds if not thousands of books written on the topic of how to comfort those that are mourning. I thought about this today as I posted on Facebook and beyond that one of my sisters (I had 21 siblings total-what a blessing!) went on today, she was a beautiful God-loving jewel. I don’t say that because she was my sister, but she truly was beautiful inside and out. I took time to notify my photography clients that are scheduled in the coming weeks that there is a probability that I may need to reschedule their appointments and an interesting thing happened. In my notification I was specific that I lost my sister in a car accident and other family members are injured; the responses made me think. Some said “thanks”, others said “Oh, okay” and I began to think about words; not just those said but also those not said.

Life is very fragile and as The Word of God tells us it is like a vapour (James 4:14). We don’t know when our time or moment is and we can’t spend it in fear wondering when that time will come…BUT we can be ready… one second could change everything. The question each of us must ask ourselves is “are we prepared to meet Jesus?” If we aren't today is just as good a day as tomorrow--in fact, even better:)
Tragedies always seem to make us reflect on things like this and make us remember our words or lack thereof. Sometimes we can embrace the passing of a loved one better when it's not sudden and we've had time to prepare our minds and hearts but sometimes there is just no preparing no matter what. It's a wonderful thing when Jesus is your strength!

Some of the comments I received prompted me to think...

1. Are people uncomfortable being a comfort to others?
2. Are they at a loss for what they consider “the right words” so they say nothing?
3. Have we become so engrossed with ourselves that we cannot empathize or sympathize with others? In other words, we just don’t care.

It was very thought provoking. As Christians and believers, do we ever really stop to show love and offer more than a passing prayer for those who are hurting? Have we taken the time in our journey to know how to comfort others? Scriptures and prayers will be a tremendous comfort to some but others will need your silent presence and a shoulder to cry on as they heal. What you say is so important …and what you don’t say is also important.

Many children have never heard their parents tell them they love them. Many husbands and wives long to hear those words… I’m not saying that saying it alone is all that is necessary…there must be action and an expression of love. In fact, we know that Jesus spoke to that matter in Mark 7:6 when he said many honour him with their lips but there heart is far from him. If you haven’t told someone that you love that you love them…don’t wait any longer. Say it if you mean it and if you mean it SAY it.

I was blessed to have a day with my sister in July as I vacationed in Atlanta and I thank God for the opportunity to see her before she transitioned…thankful to have had the chance to hug her and look into her eyes and say “I love you” from my heart. There are thousands like me today… missing a loved one. For some they never said "I love you" even though they did.  For all I sincerely pray…

Just another tiney thought….

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