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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Please Affirm Me

PPL may neva undrstand where u R coming from , don't exert all ur energy trying to get them to...do what God ask & h/w take care of d rest.
TWEET from @gapmin

WOW, 2009 seemed to fly by so quickly. Soon everyone will explore and talk about their resolutions and goals for 2010. Many of the 2009 goals remain unmet and will roll forward into our 2010 wish list. I can never forget that many in The Body of Christ did not go forward and activate their God given purpose because they did not get confirmation and AFFIRMATION from friends and family. Some people feel like no one understands them or where they are coming from so rather than rock the boat, challenge falsehoods, upset the family or appear to be insane they do nothing. When we do nothing God’s purpose for our lives goes unfulfilled.

Trying to get the approval of man when God has already given us the ultimate approval does not bear fruit. You have all the approval you need-HIS! Just do what he ask you to do, launch out in obedience to Jesus and he will take care of the rest. He will!
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