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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Any1 have a Mall Map?

Tweet from @gapmin
Do you know where you are or would one of those mall signs saying "you are here" be helpful?

That's so crazy! I'm not lost or am I? I don't mean lost as in out of fellowship with God but in that place where you are saying to yourself "what's next"? And you are waiting for directions. The whole tick-tock thing is playing out before you--TICK TOCK.

Maybe, one of those mall signs would be helpful. LOL. You know the one that says 'you are here' and then has clear maps to help get you to your next stop. If only it were that easy, right? It is that easy and trust me this is coming from someone who is directionally challenged to the point where you have to go basic TURN RIGHT, TURN LEFT with me. Yes, I'm being serious. That whole east-west thing will get me lost everytime. LOL.

God has a "mall map" for us and we can access it through His word accompanied by prayer. It works. It will get you there. You aren't lost. YOU ARE HERE! Now, follow the map to your NEXT!
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