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Monday, October 19, 2009

Prayer Tugging

I’ve spent the last week beginning my recovery process after having surgery, its going. As much as I’d love to write I needed to rest my body and my mind and just be refreshed. So here I am with so much I could write about today but I won’t. I’m still resting but was sparked to thinking after reading of a Twitter connections’ search for God as he goes through a divorce after seventeen years. More than anything hearing him say that God spoke to him “I have you” was the one thing that makes me flashback to some of the many trials and adversities the Lord has brought me out of. I’ve reached a point in my life where just those words alone are all I need. Sometimes I had no idea where God was’ I couldn’t feel him or see him. He didn’t seem to be talking at all.

Earlier in my walk I needed to hear him, to feel him to be assured that he was there, but now I just know he’s there. There is always that situation or those situations I should say that cause us to forcefully grow up into knowing that he’ll never leave us or forsake us. They push us out of comfort zones and leave us in a place of certain uncertainty. What we thought we knew we no longer know, things we were once familiar are gone and replaced with the unfamiliar. Interestingly enough we all have to travel this road, some of us travel it soon than others. As unraveling as it is it’s a part of God’s plan to bring us to a place in Him that we sometimes think we already know but haven’t even begun to experience yet. OH just a reminder, this blog is not and won’t be niched…

My heart is in prayer for those hurting. Hopfully you as God's servant are feeling his tug to pray even more as the holiday season which is also a season with a high rate of suicide approaches. People everywhere are broken for various reasons, some God has some he doesn’t. Not because he doesn’t want to have them but because they have rejected him. I am compelled to pray for them also. Aren’t you?
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