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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OMG Sexting!

#whenwewereyoung there was no such thing as "sexting".They are thinking about suing u if ur child sends nude pics of themselves...

It's rare that I get in on a trending topics on Twitter, for the most part they just aren't my kind of topics but #whenwewereyoung was trending yesterday and I have lots to share about that--boy do I! I happended to be watching a news broadcast that was sharing about sexting...by the way it's new to me. Just the thought that a child would send nude or exposing photos of themselves with the same ease of an email or text message blows my mind. Body parts used to be covered but it's the norm to show it all..no need for showNtell. Seriously, young ladies...what would make you photograph yourself or anyone else and send it off like you are America's top rated porn star. Be carful you just might end up being an unwilling porn star as others transfer your 'hot pics' all across the world and parents beware they are seriously considering bringing legal action against you if your child engages in sexting. Some say that's wrong while others say it's straight up pornography. Whatever it is I know it wasn't around and wasn't an issue #whenwewereyoung.
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