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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bypass The Look Likes

I want to share this Tiney Thought with you simply because God is so good to us. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter you are  aware of God’s grace regarding my brother’s quintuple heart bypass surgery. I won’t bore you with the details; the most important thing is that he came through the surgery, is now awake, talking, walking and in the process of healing and that God did it.

Prior to the surgery God spoke to me that he would bring him through this so I had total peace as we waited for the doctor to come and say it’s over and he is doing well. I expected NOTHING else. My expectations were based on God's promise to me. This makes me think about the many times that we say we are trusting God or believe what he has spoken to us but there remains that little inkling of doubt and fear that lingers in the back of our mind and hearts.

What if we heard God wrong or even worse didn’t hear him at all but our wishful thinking deep in our consciousness caused us to think that God had spoken a promise to us. What if?

In many cases it’s easier to operate in fear than it is to walk in faith simply because fear is generally a natural and first human response but firm faith comes as a result of walking with God and learning to trust him even when what you see with your natural eyes does not agree with what he has promised you.

Even when you are standing on God’s promises, it is the enemies job to introduce fear, doubt, unbelief, negative speech and “what ifs” causing wavering faith—the old up-down, up-down. But you can stand in the face of that adversity knowing that if God said it, it’s a done deal. We have to take God’s promises to us at face value because the truth is many times what is happening around us and what we are ‘seeing’ are not going to align with what God has promised. What we see, think and feel can cause us to nullify a promise. Yes,  we can nullify our own blessings.

No matter what it looks like, keep saying what God said…. Keep believing what he said and get excited about it…BE VERY EXCITED about it even when others try to discourage you  just keep standing on God’s promises. He loves blessing us and revealing himself to us.  Are you ready to be blessed again and again? Then keep trusting him again and again. Yes, just as my brother had a quintuple bypass we are going to have to have a quituple(5) BYPASS and learn to embrace the grace that comes with the promise. Five (5) represents the grace of God, every time God promises you something he also maks the faith available for you to believe his promise . Accept the grace to believeand bypass the look likes; walk in faith. Just another Tiney thought.
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