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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wishing You An Awesome CHRISTmas

I can't help but remember Christmas as a child, it was always special with smells that just warmed you up inside. In my family it was a special time of sharing moreso than giving or receiving presents but we always managed to remove the tape and sneak a peep each year.

One tradition we kept was we got to open one resent on Christmas eve. I didn't continue that tradition with my son because as my son aged he made a Christmas list and was granted three items from his list. As a single parent I had to demonstrate good stewardship and also wanted to instill in my  son the real meaning of Christmas.  It is often said that "Jesus is the reason for the season", but Jesus IS the season; not just CHRISTmas but every season. As we enjoy our time with family and friends we are reminded that the virgin birth must never be pushed aside by brightly colored pakages or people who seek to take Christ out of CHRISTmas---Jesus Is The Season.

I'll be posting random pictures and videos about any and everything over the next week on http://www.njclicks.blogspot.com/ , so visit me there. Have an awesome CHRISTMAS!
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