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Sunday, February 14, 2010

May I Borrow Your Hinds' Feet?

I’m sure it’s me and not the book; after all who wouldn’t be excited and enlightened by the journey of Much-Afraid. We all face what Much-Afraid faces in the book by Hannah Hurnard but I’m struggling with the whole allegory thing. It’s not my kind of reading, for the most part I don’t like fiction. I certainly don’t want to skip through flower draped fields and run alongside flowing streams…I just don’t want to. Okay, maybe I do want to but I just don't want to read about it, if I’m going to go there I need to really go there! Not just in my mind but physically go there. 

I’ve always been the person that tackled any assignment I was given, wrestled it down to the floor made it cry uncle and just because it wrestled back I put the pressure on a little more and a little harder-then I presented it to the instructor complete, defeated and on my ‘done’ list. But not this time. This book is fighting back and although I’m wrestling it and getting in some pretty good punches here and there it’s winning. UGH.
Not only is the book wrestling back but I have little appreciation for its lullaby choke hold. Each time I try to read it it grabs me and puts me in a choke hold and I feel myself drifting off into this hole of drowsy sleepiness. I find myself weak and powerless to fight off its attack, when I come to myself there it is sitting there staring at me and inviting me to read it again. I’d be crazy to do it again but I do, over and over again I attempt to defeat the writing on the pages word by word and scene by scene…I promise you I will win this battle, I will!

Chapter five deals with pride, as I prepare to read it it is my prayer that something will leap off the pages of the book and become alive to me, drawing me into the refreshing so many other readers have experienced as they read the book. For me, it’s like the many other challenges we face in life that knock us down each time we get up or try to get up…The solution is I’ve got to get hinds feet to do this and I will. Like Much-Afraid I will go to the Good Shepherd and he will strengthen me to climb up this mountain of a book with hinds feet. Have you read or attempted to read the book? Did it wrestle with you?
Could it be that my problem is I'm wrestling the book instead of reading the book? Maybe this is the problem with some of the challenges we face in life, we wrestle when we don't need to, it's just another Tiney thought :)

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