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Friday, February 5, 2010

Prioritize Your Priorities!!!!


Let’s see it’s been umm about two weeks or so since I have blogged and I’m working on a few ‘projects’ that have captured my attention. My most pressing project is me…yes me. Hard to imagine,huh? But how else am I going to get the time I need with God? It would be great if we could just go through our day to day routine and do all of the things we normally do and build an intimate relationship with God without ever praying, studying the word or being strengthened by fellowship with others but it just doesn’t work that way. And it never will.

There are some new things on the horizon for me. In the back of my mind I need to finish my Twittistry.com writing project; it’s in the back of my mind but I need it to get to the front and that’s been a challenge. You can see my twittistry blog at http://www.twittistry.org/. I’m launching a camera club at my church, that’s going to be great, I have a passion for photography and just never get tired of freezing moments with my Canon. Okay, I guess I didn’t need to say the brand name of the camera but I’m a dedicated Canon user so I plugged it—and now we move on. LOL. You can join the online portion of the camera club at http://www.ebbystouch.ning.com/. There’s excitement in the air!!!

I’m preparing a Positioning4Purpose teaching series to present at my church –Shabach Sanctuary in Dallas and loving it. That’s just a few things but my main thing is drawing closer to God….

We can do lots of activities and have lots of “stuff” going on but maintaining the delicate balance of building our relationship with God and maintaining a spiritual foundation that is UNcracked is necessary. I’m playing catch up on some things and wanted to share this Tiney Thought with you….. if your relationship with God is being pushed back by your activities it’s to regroup, shift and get a new strategy. Prioritize your priorities. While you’re thinking on that enjoy the picture above, I took this week…talk to you soon.

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