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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Impacted Anybody Lately?

I had a wonderful time today celebrating the Christ in my mother-in-law Margie, she’s truly beautiful inside and out. Although it was a birthday celebration there was a time of sharing our testimonies. It’s so important to share where God has brought us from…. Many shared regarding the impact Margie (I call her mom) has had on their lives. One lady shared how Margie’s testimony caused her to want to pray for God to show her herself and by doing so she has seen change in her life. Yes, change. To often Christians forget that transformation is God’s desire for us . Just saying we are Christians and going through ‘outward’ motions that make us look religious and pious is not God’s plan for us. The transformation that he desires for us is an inward work that shows up on the outside.
Superficial change is just that; superficial change. Surface level change never last and never elevates us to that place of knowing that we are growing in Christ.
What does it mean to be transformed? To be changed? To look at the real you and see the changes God has made IN you?
Transformed? Transformed in simple terms is metamorphoo  and it means to change into another form, to transform, to transfigure and this is what God is expecting us to do. The process of metamorphoo is the same process a caterpillar goes through to become a beautiful butterfly. I'm not going to go into the process of becoming a beautiful butterfly because there is plenty of info available on Google. LOL
I just want to know what does it say when we say we are Christians yet we never ask God to show us ourselves so that we can become more like Christ ourselves and have impact on others?


  1. Excellent message! I love to give my testimony to other people because I believe that keys are given that way. Never underestimate the power of a conversation because on conversation/testimony can change a person's life forever. Always be willing to give an account for what you believe. The woman at the well led a whole city to Christ by saying, "Come see a man that told me all that I ever did... Is this not the Messiah?" I thank God for all the times that He has used me used to impact someone's life. Will you allow God to use you today? Have you impacted anybody lately?

    Faith Talk

  2. Thanks Beloved, Be Blessed always...Peace! Anyone Have a Testimony of JESUS CHRIST
    Our LORD Today? Psalm 72:18-19, Psalm
    115:14-15 God Bless! May God's blessing continue to abounding in grace according
    to Your faith In JESUS CHRIST Our LORD
    LUKE 5:17. Because He lives, we can
    Rejoice Always. Enjoyed reading Your
    sharing here, praying with You too.