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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eatin from the Nside

Tweet from @gapmin
How the enemy uses U to destroy U: 99% of the things U worry abt never happen. Worry is the self inflicted toxin that eats from inside out.

I would use the phrase "it's funny how..." but I won't because it's not so funny how the enemy sits back and allows us to self destruct. We know all the quotes and scriptures about worry yet we do it. I've heard if said "that is the human side of me", well maybe our human side is dictating our lives far more than it should be. After all, aren't we walking in the spirit?

It's a very powerful strategy the enemy is using where he sits back, introduces circumstances and situations that are typical occasions to worry and we jump right in and do his job for him ...on OURSELVES. Here's a few thoughts:

One person committs suicide by a gun
One person committs suicide by pills
One person committs suicide by slicing wrist
One person committs suicide by a heartattack induced by worry

Yes, I know it is presented in a different light. They are all self INFLICTED forms of inducing death...worry is just a slower process. Be anxious for nothing but in everything make your request known unto God. Can we do that? This is definately an ouch moment for me, so OUCH!
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