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Monday, July 13, 2009

Get Morphed!

Tweet from @gapmin
Being a Christian is more than going to church, good deeds, quoting scriptures and being pious....BE TRANSFORMED!

First I want to thank all of my followers and give a shout out to my new followers hereby called "newbies". We officially passed 1100 followers and I'm feeling some tweet-joy! Speaking of joy, it is our transformation into the likeness and image of Christ that brings true joy. I know this is a hard truth but all of our church going, good deeds, scripture quoting and religious behavior doesn't make us a Christian. God is so interested in helping us be transformed-metamorphed into the image of his Son. BTW, you won't be transformed overnight. This tweet was retweeted nine times, so a shout out to the retweeters. Check out the twitter profiles for: @samgisyer, @cecilchaney, @iAMwAvYy, @bretta75 , @faithgoddess7 , @quintinwashingt, @dYmOnDsTuDdEd, @infinitegal, @williamdknight. Great Tweeters! Thanks Tweeples.
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