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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty!

If you’re an animal lover you’re probably going to hate me for asking the question but inquiring minds want to know! Where do we find owning or having household pets to the extent in which we have them today in the bible? Carla Nash, the woman disfigured by her friends chimp (click here to read) has recently been on the news and a recent story I read about a cat attacking its owners (click here to read) and the family that has gone 'hog wild' by relocating (click here to read) in order to keep its pet pig prompts this tiney thought.

There are some countries in which certain animals are considered sacred, but this post isn’t about them it’s about us---Christian America. Have we in America gone so far with our love for animals that we have turned them into idols as well? The pet industry makes billions of dollars catering to people’s love for their household pets no matter what kind of pet it is.And it's absolutely true you can train them to do amazing things...but they are still pets, right? Cats and dogs seem to top the list but the extent people go to and through regarding their pets makes you wonder if we’ve gone to far and what does God have to say about this? Some Christians love animals more than they love other people. Other races and other cultures etc.
If my husband didn’t travel frequently we’d have a dog and I’m certain he’d pamper it and baby it and it would be spoiled rotten but here’s a hard question—were our beloved cats and dogs intended to be a part of God’s food chain for us? I am absolutely fascinated by God’s creativity in creating animals with so much intelligence, the things animals do amaze me. I don’t know anything about dogs but I’m trying to find out where I can see one of those little tea cup sized dogs, they’re so cute.

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People run back into burning homes, go into deep depression, spend billions of dollars on their pets while many humans in our country are starving and homeless. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have pets; I’m asking your thoughts on what if anything does the bible say about pets. Have we as american culture turned ‘pets’ into idols? We have entire organizations dedicated to animal rights while at the same time we struggle to master human rights and equality. Definitely something we need to take to God in prayer…. Just another tiney thought.

1 comment:

  1. We've come to worship most everything other than the Creator of all things. I am unsure the Bible specifically says anything about domesticated animals.
    What I do know is that we are meant to have things (including pets) but not meant for them to have us.
    You make some very good points in this post worth considering.