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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Don't Want To

As we shared in the last post Jeremaih paid a big price in his obedience to God. Yes, Jeremiah decided he would remain quiet but he couldn't. Every prophet and prophetic person must prepare themselves to stand in the race of rejection. You like Jesus will be rejected!
It doesn't feel good to be rejected and we'd like to think if we are obeying God that we should not have to endure rejection, right? Wrong! Imagine Jesus, rejected by the very ones he was sent to help and speak life into. He came, he spoke truth AND he spoke it in love but they still rejected him. It was not strangers that rejected Jesus but his own people.
Do yourself a favor and don't take this rejection personal, it's not about you. the hearers aren't rejecting you as a person they are rejecting the truth of the word that you bring. When the Lord sends you to deliver his word understand that the hearer may not always be eager to see you coming-notice I said "when the Lord sends you". Pashur just didn't like what Jeremiah had ot say and had Jeremiah placed in stocks! Are you prepared to be an outcast or be unpopular for speaking God's truth in love?

Jeremiah who had done nothing wrong, just imagine. Are you willing to suffer rejection in obedience to delivering God's word? Every prophet must put on the whole armour of God so they are able to stand against the enemies tactics which include rejection.
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