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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twitter stuff U Can Use

Great news, here are a few resources for Twitter that can make using it more beneficial, lots of fun and less time consuming.

The number one complaint I hear from those not on twitter is that they just don't have the time twitter and are not on the internet daily. Twitter can be updated from the web, via mobile SMS or by two wonderful resources I use that allow you to schedule your tweets. http://twuffer.com/ and http://twaitter.com/ are tweet schedulers, one of them (I forget which one ) even allows you to mask the fact that you are using a scheduler. I schedule 3 days and do mobile tweets if my day allows or if something special is happening. You can also use resources like http://rescuetime.com/ or http://meetimer.com/ to help you monitor the amount of time you spend on Twitter.

http://ping.fm/ is a great resource that allows you to update more than one social media. I also like http://friendfeed.com./

More resources later, please comment if this info was helpful. OH, and check out http://tweetchat.com/ real time chat for updating or doing Twittistry.
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