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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Working With The Right Stuff

Today's Tweet from @gapmin (1 Samuel 17:38-49)
Everyone has a 'Goliath" in their life. When facing ur giant don't forget ur slingshot and 5 smooth stones!

Get your video cam and get ready to do a broadcast from the street, stop strangers and ask them about their Goliaths or the challenges they are facing in life and you are guaranteed to get a great assortment of woes; everyone has them. The issue is not the giants but using the wrong weapons to defeat the giants.

The wrong weapon can cause you to lose the battle and the war! Saul offered David his armour and it just didn't fit, in fact David declined wearing the armour because he told Saul that he had not 'proven' it. Keep in mind that Saul had won some battles wearing the very armour he offered to David---someone else's methods of overcoming may not work for you.

David understood that what worked for Saul may not work for him so he followed the plan of God for taking on Goliath and walked away with victory! If it takes five smooth stones for you to defeat your giant, go with it. If it takes prayer, do it. Fasting, do it. LOL. Ask God for a can of 'giant killer' and watch him give you the plan and the strategy on how to use the thing that seems least. Imagine going out on the battle field with nothing but a sling shot and some rocks--but David prevailed against his Goliath and so will you!

** giant killer is not available at ur local department store, only avalable from God.
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