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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Bible-LESS day at Church?!

I just downloaded a few bible apps onto my iPhone, I was wondering will the day come where people will not carry the traditional paper bibles we are so accustomed to? Already the market is inundated with paper books. Self publishing has become popular and everyone is an author these days but what about the changing face of media as we know? Devices like Kindle have changed the face of reading, but curling up with a good paper book and an drink are just relaxing. Would it be as relaxing to have that same drink and my electronic device in hand? If you’re like me you have a bible here and a bible there. One bible for the car, one in the family room, one in your office and on and on and on. When I consider that in some countries having a Holy Bible is a crime and people lose their life over it it makes me more appreciative. I am blessed to be able to have multiple bibles in my home and the word of God hidden in my heart –I’m definitely for decreasing my load. I do plan to use my electronic bible heavily; very heavily. Yes, it displays well and has large print and several translations with a searchable database. I love it already!

We have entered a time where many people no longer carry paper bibles to church; the text for the day is often printed on bulletins, flashed on large monitors or just listened to. “You don’t need a bible” has a lot of appeal. But if I don’t have a means of reading the word on my own away from the Sunday worship how will I become skilled and learned in God’s word? I won’t. Does not having the printed word in front of you make you more susceptible to passive listening? 

What if your church had a bibleless week, no bibles allowed. You’d find out how much of God’s word is committed to your head from rote memory and how much is committed to heart in practical application.  I’m thanking God for allowing me to have a bible-a paper bible and my iPhone apps.  Above all I am thankful for writing the word on the tables of my heart-the best place for the Word is the tables of our hearts.

Are bibles as we know them going away? Just another Tiney Thought
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