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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grace x2

There are two sets of doors leading out of my office building, one is automatic and the other opens by hand-it’s the old fashioned “push me” door type. To exit the building you go through one set of doors and then through a foyer to another set of doors before landing outside under the awning.
As I was leaving the office today I was in step with another woman, we arrived at the exit at the same time. She went to the automatic doors while I walked toward the other doors but the automatic door did not open for her—I pushed my door open and begin to walk through it. She stopped for a minute looking puzzled; I’m sure she was wondering why the door didn’t open for her. She didn’t realize that the automatic doors are locked at a certain time each day and the only way to exit is to push.

As we walked through the foyer to the second set of doors she walked over to the automatic doors and guess what? Yes that’s right, they didn’t open. Again, she stopped and looked puzzled. Like those office doors sometimes God’s blessings are open and flowing, they are in season and he’s pouring them out; we can go in and out of the blessings with little to no effort—it’s called grace. All we have to do is approach the throne and it’s done—the doors open and we walk through them exiting adversity, situations, circumstances and stuff. BUT at other times the only way we are going to EXIT is to PUSH; it’s important that we know which mode God is in.

There are many believers waiting for God’s grace to slide back the automatic doors and let them exit what they are going through. News Alert: The sliding doors are locked! The push doors are your way of escape/exit. PUSH your way out of where you are by standing on the word, praying and trusting God to do what HE SAID he would do. I know I say it a lot but here I go..."It may not be easy but it is necessary".

No matter how long we stay at the sliding doors of grace after God has locked them they won’t open and the only alternative we have is to PUSH.  We often make the mistake of thinking that if we have to PUSH God is not walking with us. The Apostle Paul understood that the ability and strength to PUSH is God's grace overflowing in our lives.

Philippians 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
Life will offer us opportunities to exit, sometimes we will effortlessly walk through automatic sliding doors and at other times he will equip us with the strength and ability needed to PUSH our way out....either way his grace is sufficient. ~Just another Tiney Thought.
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