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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ten Things Every Gossip Needs To Know

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We are all familiar with work environments , you know the old talking about whoever is out of the office for the day and being their buddy as soon as they walk in the door. I’ve had the opportunity to witness this often and I’m certain you have also but it’s not just an office thing, this thing is alive and well in the body of Christ too.
Recently I observed some women walking through a little rift in what had been a seemingly good relationship, all of a sudden they were no longer speaking to each other and were doing the ole “backstabbing, talking behind your back thing”. I encouraged them to do two things. I encouraged them to grow up and handle it like big girls and according to Scripture; translated that means GO and talk it out and be reconciled.

After all when you really step back and look at a lot of the things you’ve disconnected from people over or they’ve disconnected from you over it usually not that deep. Sometimes communication-simple communication makes all the difference. Perception is a monster, a big monster. Just because you THINK someone meant something a certain way doesn’t mean that’s how they meant it.
The saying that a person’s perception is their truth has to be coined from satan himself. If what you perceive is your truth and your reality you’re in big trouble. The majority of the time the way you “think” it is isn’t how it is. Our truth and reality should be God’s word not how we feel about it.

BUT, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt and disappoint. I know it hurts and I know it doesn’t feel good. I also know Jesus’ grace is sufficient for the many things we face.

Why can’t grown men and women—saved or unsaved talk it out? Why can’t they love each other enough to work through relationship challenges without all the drama. Yes, drama! Years ago there was a t-shirt line and the slogan said “I’m a drama queen” people may not wear those t-shirts much anymore but the fruit speaks for itself. AND why do we have to go running to everyone but the one involved and tell them all about it? Why? If we are going to talk shouldn’t we talk to the person(s) involved and not everyone else?

How encouraging is it for grown men and women to behave like children and have the emotional and spiritual aptitude of a child? Many of the drama kings and queens have children and grandchildren. It’s amazing….

It’s time to put away childish things. I know it’s hard but that old whispering spirit has to go in Jesus’ name. It’s just gotta go!

A family member called me this week to ask me if another family member was gay! What? I let that family member know I don’t operate like that and engage in such conversations and secondly I did have the other family member's contact info if they would like to contact them and ask them. It’s time to put away childish things…. All the gossip and the chatter is a childish thing! It’s gotta go!

TEN things that every gossip needs to know:

1. Gossip is not attractive
2. In most cases by the time you hear it, it’s all twisted…
3. What a person sows is what a person reaps
4. You’re gifted, use your voice to build UP rather than Tear DOWN
5. God sees and hears you.
6. Gossip is a sign that you need business of your own, a hobby MaYBe?
7. 10 times out of 10 you’re not going to tell it like you heard it.
8. If a person takes time to listen to you gossip, they’ll take time to talk about you too.
9. Gossip delays and in some cases denies your blessings-OUCH
10. The time you spend gossiping could be used for kingdom impact.

It’s time to experience a mind shift. ~Just another Tiney Thought \o/
** I took the photo on an overcast morning as I was driving. CLICK HERE for more photos:)
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