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Monday, March 1, 2010

IPhone Pardons Whoring?

Stop it---an IPhone application that was supposedly started before this whole Tiger-cheating thing started, an application that allows cheating spouses to store data (text, emails etc) on a separate server and set an automatic delete date so they won’t get caught. Are you serious? Many Christians that are in the SMH (shaking my head) mode have forgotten that God’s chosen people were dubbed cheaters long before Tiger Woods was exposed and they didn’t have an iPhone app to cover their tracks. Ironically, nothing’s changed. Christians everywhere are ‘cheating’ naturally and spiritually.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking it’s different because the Israelites went whoring after other gods, right? Isn’t lust, of any kind another god or an idol? Tiger’s passion was lust but many have ungodly passions for other things and they go whoring to get it.

Read it:: Exodus 34:15-16, Leviticus 17:7, 20:5-6, Numbers 15:39, Deuteronomy 31:16, Judges 2:17, Judges 8:27-33, 1Chronicles 5:25, 2 Chronicles 21:13, Psalms 73:27, Psalms 106:39, Ezekiel 6:9, 23:30, Hosea 4:12, Hosea 9:1

The word whoring is not mentioned in the KJV New Testament, so are we to assume that there is no whoring taking place under the new covenant—SMH (John 8). We know “whoring” has a sexual implication of fornication/adultery but one of its other meanings is simply to be unfaithful to God. I’m certain there is a group somewhere claiming that they have always been faithful to God and have never detoured from his righteousness and I’d love to meet them; well, I’d like to observe from a distance anyway.

The Tiger Woods drama continues to unfold and Christians and non-believers alike are engrossed with the cheating Tiger…. Some are praying, some are gossiping AND some are praying and gossiping! What a great opportunity for us to examine ourselves for the cheater in us. I heard that gasp—sorry but for those that Love God allowing him to examine us and adjust our cheat-o-meter in life is a must. Iphone apps will not be able to erase the thing that stands between us and God. Cheaters never win. They didn’t then and they won’t now, the only way to erase the data from our pursuit of other gods is to repent and allow God to remove our whoring as far from us as the east is from the west. Toss it in to the sea of forgetfulness Jesus…..~Just another Tiney Thought.
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