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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Marriage: Twittistry.org Integration

I do believe God is calling for us to simplify our lives so we can spend more quality time with him; I’m determined to do just that. Across the various social networks, blogs and face to face settings many who want more of Jesus are feeling the need to slow down, take a deep breath and tweek a few things to devote more time to strengthening their relationship with Jesus.
I'm excited to announce that our Twittistry.org blog is being integrated with this blog—I know it’s not conventional but that’s how it is when you’re unboxed. iHeart Jesus and feel him tugging at my heartstring for me to embrace my next level...I'm on my way.
Traditionally you just wouldn’t have a blog that’s unniched but when you really think about it it is niched and the niche is Jesus. So our http://www.twittistry.blogspot.com/  is officially retired as of this post and all twittistry.org post will be highlighted here. Rest Peacefully http://www.twittistry.blogspot.com/.

I’m still working on my Twittistry writing project so stay tuned.

OH for those who are not familiar with twittisty, it’s where we highlight a tweet from the CalledWoman or GAPMin Twitter feeds. You can find tweets from either feed on the side bar and we'd love for you to come connect with us there.
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