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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He's Preparing Your Pathway

Tweet from @gapmin
Some things you counted as a "lost" was God removing spiritual blockages out of your path to purpose, let it go!

Okay be patient with me because this is just one of those things that’s challenging to talk about. Who hasn’t lost something and then felt bad or mourned over what they lost? I’m sure we all have but some of us have also realized later that what we thought we lost was a ‘move of God’ to get us prepared to go further with him. Let’s face it, some things in our lives hold up progress and by things I include people. NO, I’m not saying that people are things so don’t get all knotted and chocked up. LOL.

What I’m saying is there are people, jobs, habits, and stuff that God has to shift out of our path of purpose if we are to arrive at our destiny. I’m not going to ask you if you want to arrive at your place of destiny because I know you do, I just know it.

There are some things that we felt we have lost but God moved it so we could go forward of course we don’t find this out until later. So now that we know we will view it differently not counting it as a loss but a strategic move of and by God because we are about to go forward. That’s cause for a celebration don’t you think? Embrace what God does so you can get what God has.--- OH boy, that was a tweet also huh? Don’t forget to comment. Blessings!
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