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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am stuck on bandaids!

Tweet from @calledwoman
I used 2 try to fix things myself, took me a while but I finally learned that my actions R bandaids & God's actions are final solutions!

Seriously, I was controlled by unbelief and wanting things to be perfect. If it was broke (in my opinion) I tried to fix it and of course I had my own way of fixing it. My way didn't work, but I kept on trying. I was getting nowhere, absolutely nowhere! This went on for years until one day as I sat working on a teaching series the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said "that's enough" and I was set free.
I was made FREE INDEED.

Remember the jingle from the commerical that said "I am stuck on bandaids brand cause bandaids stuck on me?" What would it take for us to stop being stuck on bandaids and turn it over to God?" After all we have tried to fix things ourselves for years and haven't seen positive results so why do we keep trying to put a bandaid on our life issues when what we need is a God-solution?

Stop being stuck on bandaids, let God fix it once and for all!


  1. It's like the glue for your nails... you need the polish remover!

    "LET GO and LET GOD"... HE'S ABLE.


  2. I think we should get rid of duct tape too while we're at it! lol I too was a independant I can fix it person. Silly girl! Praise God I count on Him now because I only make matters worse.