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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Niched Ain't New

Tweet from @gapmin
Jesus was niched, his nich was souls. BUT he did other things also. Ultimately all roads lead back to his nich---> Souls.

All the marketing craze these days is about being niched and it may come as a surprise to some but being niched is not new, Jesus did it. True my Twitter profile is totally UNiched by some standards but it all leads back to my true niche--Jesus.
Jesus was so diverse that he pulled all of his 'giftedness' (for lack of a better word) and anointing into flow with his niche of SOULS and that's what we need to do. Jesus taught us niching long before the marketing gurus came on the scene.
Okay, I have to talk about me here, I'm a minister of the gospel who has a passion for the Lord, art, speaking, photography, music etc. I am diverse and just love living the life the Lord gave me but ultimately all that I do comes back to me serving God. Every photo I take, every painting I paint are all God inspired and for his glory. That's my niche-Jesus. What's yours?
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