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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The power of 140!

@ gapmin
Untweeted--The 140 Prayer

This modern day of technology presents us with communication challenges among families, communities, in churches etc. How will our fast paced keep it short mentality impact our prayer lives. Will we tweet our prayers to God? Toss a '140' prayer in the air as we head off to a day of work and play? Is the 140 a step up or a step down in your prayer life?

The underlying principle of the 140 prayer was around long before Twitter came on the scene, people have prayed short and to the point prayers for years. These prayers have had kingdom impact and in some cases have proven to be effectual fervant prayers that avail much.

Let's flip the script, there is the 140 prayer that is abbreviated, thoughtless, heartless and mere words said for the sake of saying "I pray". What can we do in 140? Can we glorify God, praise him , encourage and lift each other up? That's the power of 140! What will you do with it? Tweet powerfully, tweet sincerely. tweet prayerfully and watch the power of the 140!
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