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Monday, June 8, 2009

Seven Pounds Tweeked

Since Seven Pounds with Will Smith is last year's release I assume you all have seen it. I rarely watch television or movies, it's just not my thing. BUT I enjoyed seven pounds, the storyline was great. By the way this is not a critique of the movie, I'll leave that for the media guru's.

In case you haven't watched it let me make a long story short, Ben Thomas (Will Smith) causes a car accident in which his wife and six other people die because he was using a cell phone and veered into oncoming traffic. Riddled with guilt and a broken heart he sets off to be a giver by seeking sick people in need of organs and plans suicide so that his organs can be donated to those in need. In the course of locating the recipients who would receive the organs he falls in love with a woman with congential heart failure but the doctors report for her is grim. Ben Thomas uses a deadly jelly fish to committ suicide. His organs are given to those has willed them to and the story ends happily ever after---NOT.

I actually enjoyed the movie but would like an opportunity to tweek the storyline just a little bit and inject some hope and the healing power of God. Ben Thomas was riddled with guilt, knowing the accident was caused because he was fumbling with a cell phone and lost control of the vehicle . Let's be real, any one of us would be devastated after such a tragedy but is God able to mend our broken hearts and release us from guilt and condemnation?
Suicide as a good deed; hummnn. Doing good things for good reasons but the wrong way is not a God-thing, or is it? How many people committ suicide as a good deed because they feel hopeless, helpless and a burden to someone else? And what is God's perspective on these good deeds? What we do, why we do it and how we do it all matter. The movie suggest that Ben Thomas' act of suicide is honorable and worthy of praise. What are your thoughts? Is this opening a spiritual doorway of thought whereby we become more 'open' to suicide as a means of ecape?

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  1. You're so right. When I first saw this movie, I just thought it was well done. Several months later, though, I just felt like Hollywood had pulled a fast one on me!!! As a Christian, I cannot support suicide no matter what. Also, I agree that good deeds should be aligned with God's perfect will for us. If we're doing things without His inspiration, then something bad is bound to happen!