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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Off Switch!

Tweet from @gapmin
Father, I silence the noise, the chatter & the negative speech that has come 2 kill, steal & destroy ur promises in the lives of ur ppl.

Everywhere you go there is noise, even in environments that should be quiet. Today's fast paced environment where people are "plugged in" (phones, mp3 players, computers, TV, other media etc..) almost 24/7 make it easy for the enemy to distract us with noise that drowns out the voice of God. There is a place of quiet calm where God speaks in a still small voice (1 King 19). God is speaking, he is giving us direction, strategy, comfort, and building faith but the volumn of noise, chatter and negative speech seeks to drown out the voice that delivers the promises of God.

The easiet thing to do is turn off any noice that interfers with hearing God's voice, that includes the noise other people make. Want to hear God with clarity, hit the OFF switch.

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