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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shhh, Badu is on to something!

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Wait, everyone I know it’s about art and music and it’s controversial but I really want to hear the rest of what she has to say about those layers and demons. Shhhh.

You can read the story by clicking here. I know what she did and that JFK's assasignation site is considered sacred ground(probably considered more sacred than Jesus by some!?) and I know many said it was distasteful but is there a main message or theme being overlooked? Groupthink, layers, demons etc. Shhhh!

The news is still buzzing with reports that American soul singer Erykah Badu has caused a stir with a music video in which she strips naked in public at the site of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, and falls to the ground as if shot…..

According to reports the Dallas-born entertainer strips down in Dealey Plaza in the city center, and falls to the ground with a jerk at the sound of a rifle shot, which was edited into the five-and-a-half minute video. Badu, said the song was about "liberating yourself from layers and layers of skin or demons."

Huh? Layers and layers of skin or demons? Groupthink? Maybe Badu is on to something!

Groupthink may be a 1950’s term but the concept and principles are very much alive in the church today, people are going with the flow and sometimes against God’s word to remain cohesive, have less friction and fit in. Critical thinking and analytical skills are watered down to keep the peace. Exactly how far are we willing to go to keep the peace?

I like the way Webster’s defines groupthink: a pattern of thought characterized by self-deception, forced manufacture of consent, and conformity to group values and ethics.

What caught my attention here is ‘self deception’. Think about it;  going with the flow especially when that flow is not Christ-centered is a form of self deception and the root cause of that is generally rejection, the fear of rejection or people pleasing. I think Badu is on to something! And yes this is generally layers and layers of demons.

Attention Christians: Follow Jesus.
If you are doing what they say just to please THEM and what they are saying does not align with God’s word you are operating in idolatry. Many Christians have practiced this form of people pleasing so long it has become layered—like an onion. Or like skin… yep, I think Badu is on to something!

She's onto something the church and body of Christ needs to hear, discern and walk out--Be FREE INDEED. We are called to be fitly joined together (Eph 4:16), walking in unity of peace with one vision-God's vision. BUT to often the deeply layered demon of rejection cause us to to fit-in rather than being fitly joined. Groupthink is not your friend.

No, I'm not an Erykah Badu fan and I'm not saying what she did was okay, I'm just saying that Badu is on to something! ~ Just another Tiney Thought.

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  1. understand she was acting as if she was shot but she truly shot her self she allowed the real deep nakeness of who she is to be seen by all.

  2. She was attempting to convey a message. Her message was overshawdowed by her delivery mode....Though not a scripturally based message the principle holds true and is the same principle my previous blog post was about. It's to bad neither the world or the church hear the message.....