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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dare to Defy! by Debby Marin


We are excited to present some food from thought from the calledwoman twitter feed. ProphetessN wrote the tweet but CalledWoman Debby Marin expounds it so beautifully. INJOY!

Tweet: Some daring people take calculated risk, other daring people defy the calculations!

We can not truly live and walk in the spirit, trusting God and not be willing to risk it all. Calculations are unimportant; rubbish to the spirit. The only thing of importance is what God says.
Risk takers who trust God appear to the world as wacky people who make poor choices because they don’t seek the things of the world, they seek the things of God!

The consequences and rewards of taking risk are far greater than playing it safe. If we want to see God work exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think we have to walk out on a limb with Him, not sit at the foot of the tree.

Jesus risked it all but look where he’s at! He knew what he would have to endure before his accusers ever apprehended him. Jesus told his disciples he would be raised from the dead yet other than God’s word, he had no real proof that would happen! He was just like us, yet he chose to put all of his faith in God and His words. He risked it all for the glory set before him and being the firstfruits he is seated at the right hand of the Father.

It’s not always about being absent of fear, it’s about taking that leap despite our fears. Many times, I’ve done God’s will while I was trembling with fear! Yet once I completed the task, my fear was gone and I had moved to a higher level of faith.

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  1. Thank you N.J.

    And thank you Debby for sharing this.