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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The HookUP of This Season!

Any where there is an original you will find a counterfeit. This holds true for the apostolic-prophetic as well. One of the trends that disturbs me most for this season as it relates to the restoration of the apostle and the prophet to the body of Christ is that the "false apostles and prophets" must come on the scene also. We hear a lot about false prophets but little about false apostles (2 Cor 11:12-13) but they have surfaced with a demonic vengeance.

Many are fascinated by the assignment of the apostle and prophet as foundation layers for the body of Christ(Ephesians 2:20) and have begun coveting these ascension gifts to the point where they call themselves to be an apostle or a prophet. We are seeing the fruitlessness of self-appointment and must be discerning of the prophetic hookup. I am noticing many apostles and prophets that want to cluster and become groupies with each other, in the old church they called it 'clicks' and in the word of God it's called "respect of persons."
Prophets only want to be connected with prophets, forgetting that their assignment is the 'the body'. Apostles-real and self-appointed only wanting to be connected with other apsotles because have been deceived to think they are better and higher with God than the other members of the body. This is a very strategic season, we must exercise care and caution regarding who we hookup or connect ourselves to, there are many wolves lurking and intermingling with the God Appointed Apostles and Prophets ...be discerning, be alert, be sober, be watchful and allow God to order your step and give you divine Holy Ghost hookups!
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