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Saturday, May 16, 2009

How much of what you know do you know?

Whether life, business or ministry we will find that we only know half of what we know.....the other half is a work in progress.

I've been talking about and hearing a lot about having a teachable spirit and I totally agree we must be life learners. I have crossed paths over the last few months with some anointed know-it-alls. People that have all the answers and the insight for themselves and everyone they come in contact with. The longer we live on this earth the more it will be revealed to us that we only know about half (if that) of what we 'think' we know. Life is a process of learning, and I don't mean just learning good things and what to do. It is also learning what not to do and God has some very creative ways of helping us learn life lessons.

Be slow to speak and quick to hear and watch God give you wisdom in various areas (James 1:19). Never under estimate anyone! A person with a teachable spirit is open to hear from God as he speaks to their heart but also as he speaks through people. Sometimes he even speaks through someone you really don't care to have him speak through...don't get pious, it happens!

There is always something to learn and a new experience to be had and sooner or later the revelation hits that you are learning what you thought you knew..LOL. We only know half of what we know.
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