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Friday, May 8, 2009

Loving Outside Of The Box -Twitterlicious!

Yes, I'm excited to present to you five principles for loving outside of the box as presented on @gapmin. I posted the following tweet and got a DM asking me what I meant about "loving outside of the box".

If ur religion or spiituality d/n advocate u loving "outside the box" you are surely serving the wrong god.

Boxed Love allows us to love those who love us, those who believe and worship like us, those who are socially, economically and culturally like us etc. It;s time for Christians everywhere to love outside of the box! LOVE is supposed to be the foundation that upholds the Christian faith. We don't have to compromise what we believe and what we stand for to love and embrace others. Ready? Here we go!

Principle 1 of " Loving outside the box": I love becus the Christ in me is love, even when my flesh w/ desire not to love, I still love!

Principle 2 of " Loving outside the box": I do not have to love what you do to love you.

Principle 3 of " Loving outside the box": 2 can only walk 2gether when they agree. Agreeing 2 disagree is still AGREEMENT. Amos 3:3

Principle 4 of " Loving outside the box": You do not have to be a part of a certain status quo for me to love you.

Principle 5 of " Loving outside the box": I do not have to agree with you to love you.
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