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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prophetic Liberties

What an awesome time for the people of God who are aligned to hear and obey the voice of the Lord. The last few weeks have been a great time of celebration for G.A.P. Ministries as we were instruments of sending forth labourers to the harvest fields. I am convinced that many forget the five ascension gifts mentioned in Ephesians 4 are gifts to the body of Christ with a specific assignment to bring the body to a place of being throughly equipped (perfected) for God's harvest fields.

A few thoughts stem from the events of the past week concerning maintaining prophetic order. I have met more prophets who operate in zeal to prophesy than I have those who are seasoned and mature and understand timing and facilitation of delivering a prophetic release. We are not comissioned to release (say) everything we hear or see at the very moment we hear or see it. Timing is key.
Never take prophetic liberties. Many prophets are 'swept away' with their kingdom authority thinking it gives them the right to prophesy to and also lay hands on anyone if the unction arises. I make it a practice to ask permission to speak and release if I have not been given the implied liberty or an open door of opportunity.
As an example I was in a new ministry setting recently and I purposely do not go into setting seeking to prophesy, having something dynamic and wow-ing to say. I was there to receive the spoken word like all other attendees. At the end of the service I was asked (catch that) to come and speak. I released God's utterance and took my seat. End of Story.
I did not take the liberty to lay hands on the pastor and his wife and go throughout the congregation laying hands on the members to demonstarte 'my power and authority' nor did I continue to speak after God had stopped speaking to try to show that I am accurate, deep or wonderful and can hear like no one's business. As servants and labourers we are charged by the Holy Spirit to do all things in an order that brings glory to God and edifies the recipient. Far to many prophets take liberties that neither God or his people have granted to them. This causes confusion and in today's teminology turns many off from the prophetic release that God desires them to have.

1 comment:

  1. AMEN SIS!!! I've heard of situations where prophets were calling out people in the congregation and declaring various things. And I'm not saying God will not bring about a time and place for that, but this sounded more like a display of esp that the spirit of God moving for the benefit of the church.

    I don't believe we should ever touch someone by laying hands on them without revelation from God. Jesus rarely put his hands on anyone.

    Thanks for the proper instruction. The very best to you Prophetess!

    Debby Marin