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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wind Snatched Voices

The last few days have reinterated something that weighs heavy on my heart; the prophetic voice of this season. I am speaking specifically of the prophet's voice that has been snatched by the wind either because it has been silenced (never released) or was released in a unfruitful manner or season.

Many prophetic voices have been choked out by fear. There seems to be a cluster of God's prophets and prophetic voices operating under the Juniper Tree Syndrome-fearful of the threats of the enemy. Therefore their voices have drifted off and been snatched up by the wind. 1 Kings 19
Other voices are being released in the wrong manner and in the wrong season. A prophet of God must always discern God's methods of release and God's timing. 2 samuel 12. Nathan was skillful in delivering God's word to the king, we must observe this same skillfulness no matter which soul we are speaking to. We call forth the wind snatched voices to be released for kingdom impact--Let the prophets and prophetic voices be lifted up that God can be glorfied.
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